Long Latex (Plus Size)

Long Latex (Plus Size)

4X shaper 46-48inches.

5X shaper 48.5-51 inches

Our LL will flatten your stomach and slim your waistline. Incorporate the Endless Meal Plan and exercise for ultimate results.

Excellent for long torsos,or if you have a low stomach that you after child birth, c-sections or if you just want to get rid of your midsection. Can be worn all day and you can exercise in your LL. You will instanlty have an hour glass shape and with our tools and knowledge you will have your hourglass shape without wearing your shaper in due time.

The LL will provide the following
Back Support
Lifts Breast
Flattens Stomach
Slims Waistline
Compresses lower pouches

The LL is available in black or nude