Boneless Boy Shorts

The Boneless Boy Shorts is excellent for anyone who doesn't want any flexi rods in thier garment. You will have the same ending result as the other products we offer that contain flexi rods.

The Boneless Boy Shorts has a clutch crotch, abdomen control, latex on the front sides and back and removable straps. You wear your own bra. This garment can mold your figure immediately, visually and with continued use. Continuous wearing will improve posture and reduce your measurements permanently. You should also incorporate the meal plan which can be purchased for ultimate results. Garment is undetectable under your clothing.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who wants to reduce their waistline, pooch, lower pooch, back fat, muffin top and flatten their stomach no matter if you have no children or C-setion.

Slim Waistline
No boning for more flexibility
Flattened Stomach
Lifts breast
Back Support
Improved posture
Hour glass shape

Boneless garments are best for people with active lifestyles who need more flexibility or comfort compared to flexi rod garments.